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Serving nearly 70,000 people with reliable, safe water distribution and sanitary sewer collection is no small task.

At the Taylorsville-Bennion Improvement District, consecutive awards for the best tasting water in the state of Utah, and a reputation for sound management to cost effectively deliver public utility services are trademarks.

The District is also recognized for its proactive, innovative approaches to upgrade and revitalize aging infrastructure. For example, working with CRS, water supply resources are dramatically increasing through the use of advanced chemical treatment technologies and procedures for the District’s 11 groundwater wells.

Other progressive, smart methods are used to optimize hundreds of miles of water and sewer lines, multiple water storage reservoirs, pump stations, and facilities system-wide.

“CRS has served continuously as the Resident Engineers for the Taylorsville-Bennion Improvement District since our inception in 1957. For over half a century, CRS has been a loyal and trusted engineering advisor to the District as we seek to plan, manage, and serve our customers with the best water distribution and sewer collection service possible.”

Keith Lord, General Manager

Projects for this Client
TBID Valley Well
Taylorsville, UT
TBID CIPP Sewer Rehabilitation Project
Taylorsville, UT
TBID 4.5 MG Middle Zone Tank
Taylorsville, UT
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