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Client Syracuse City
Location Syracuse, Utah

Bluff Road; 550 West to 1000 West – This project evaluated ways to improve traffic mobility and safety near the Gentile Street/Bluff Road intersection in Syracuse, Utah. In coordination with Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Syracuse City contracted CRS to conduct an environmental review of historic properties, waters of the U.S., hazardous materials, and endangered, proposed, or candidate species within the 30-acre project area.

CRS conducted multiple site reviews, updating the most current (2012) environmental data held by the West Davis Corridor team. Much of their data was the same information found in agency databases, such as the National Wetland Inventory, that have not been updated in many years. Relying on this data meant that project proponents would be obligated to mitigate for environmental resources that were no longer within the project area.

CRS’ meticulous field work and accurate reporting saved UDOT and Syracuse City significant time and costs in consulting, permitting, and mitigation.

CRS worked with the city to resolve public concerns regarding mobility and pedestrian safety in project area by mediating public meetings, providing clear visuals, and conveying the city’s goals through an effective strategic communication plan.

During project scoping, CRS coordinated preliminary design and public involvement activities with the Burea of Reclamation (BOR), North Davis Sewer District, Layton Canal Company, Weber Basin Water, the West Davis Corridor team, and Layton City to identify any project concerns that may significantly alter design.

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